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13 Enviable Closets From Pinterest
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Los mejores pasos necesitan una buena firma. #shoes #fashion #style #shoeporn #love #cute #pink #zara
So, this are the 10 facts about me. (This is @mv_mynorveliz and @imkxngleo fault) if i tagged you, youre next! (Its ok if you dont want to do it)            #factsaboutme #monday                                                        -I’m highly obsessed with Woody Allen. He influenced me to start playing clarinet 

-I lost weight eating  ”I can´t believe is not butter” straight from the can.  My weight is the same since then. 

-My four platonic loves are older than 70 years. 

-I don`t eat blue food. 

- I hate to spend time getting ready. I decide what to wear in the shower,. Usually am ready in 10-15 minutes including hair and make-up. I get anxious if I spend more time doing that. 

-I won all my med school tests. At last minute I decided to study design. 

-I was, am and will be an incorrigible geek.

-My hair grows extremely fast. In a couple weeks my haircuts are gone.

-I always keep some “Tigres del Norte” song in my playlist.

-I hate long nails, for me are synonymous of the machismo that demands a perfect feminine image for women.

-Extra:I am the youngest person in jazz concerts the 80% of the time. That makes me feel really comfortable. 
Lo que atrae la lluvia. (No puedo creer que me dejara acercarme tanto!) #birds #fatbird #animals #love #cute #photooftheday
September is a month of J.M Coetzee, unfinished readings of Dostoyevsky, Carla Bruni music and Williback Christoph Gluck operas. #ootd #wiw#fashion #style #black #love #september #newpost #blogger #modaGuatemala #music (en